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CCO Productions professionally designs, shoots, and edits ultra-high-definition video up to 5K (5120 pixels by 2700 pixels). We handle every aspect of video production and encourage our clients to be actively involved as we do so. We will come to you and provide a free consultation and estimate whether you’re located in Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, Kingston, Peterborough, or anywhere in between or abroad. Here’s what our process looks like:


Understanding the Vision

We will come to you for a free consultation to provide insight into the process of video creation. This will enable us to fully realize your vision so that should you decide to move forward, both parties are confident in the creative process.


Developing the Concept

Do you need a script written or do you have one prepared? Either way, we can help design the best narrative to suit your video needs. This process includes building a shot list to indicate how the final video might appear and how your message will be best represented.


Finding Talent & Locations

Once you are satisfied with the shot list, we will coordinate all of the necessary logistics to complete the shoot including arranging locations, actors/models, props and scheduling. We are happy to work with any people or locations you are able to provide.


Audio/Video Capture

Lights! Camera! Action! Filming commences on location according to the agreed upon shot list.  We encourage you to join us on the shoot to be actively involved in the creative process. We welcome input on all aspects of the production.


Bringing it All Together

We build a cohesive narrative that aligns with your vision. In this process we organize footage, find and add unique royalty-free music, adjust colour, tweak audio, and implement any logos and graphics all within a reasonable timeframe.

Preview & Delivery

Private Download Link

We provide a private link to easily preview each version of the video. With your feedback, most videos go through two or three iterations. The final video is delivered via a link to a downloadable high-definition video file.

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